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For those of you who didn’t follow that lol, Monday (Oct 24) Modi (@dctobc) continued his quest to keep DC on the map by collaborating with Red Bull (@redbulldc) to bring the Red Bull Emsee Battle (#rbemcee) to the new venue in Silver Spring, The Filmore (@fillmoreSS) with host Bun B and Judges Devin the Dude (@therealdevin420), Joe Budden (@joebudden) and Big K.R.I.T… FOR FREE. #Swag

Let’s start with the venue.  The Fillmore silver spring is a beautiful new venue with a layout like the 9:30 club without as many dark corners and much shinier.  The drinks were overpriced (welcome to DC) but you can’t really complain too much when it was Free.99 to get in the door.  Despite being not very big, the drinks were decently strong which is a plus. It was a little overly lit for the event but I also wonder if they were scared to turn off the lights (although considering that Devin the dude lit up anyway, the lights weren’t deterring much. 

DJ Alizay (@DjAlizay) was spinning on the ones and twos and I heard some grumbling from the crowd about his choice. However analyzing the situation, I think I know exactly why he was keeping it low key.  This was an 18+ free event in DC. Between the lights and the slightly mellow music, there was not a single incident last night because of these little crowd control tricks!!!!!!!  People were getting hyped enough for the battle.  The last thing anyone needed was the audience going at it.  The posses bickering was about as bad as it got. Once everything got going though the fun really began.

*Before I get into the talent portion of the evening, I just want to give mad props to all the men who battled.  It takes a lot to get up on stage in front of a bunch of strangers and let them see into your world and display your passion!!  It takes even more to stay up there AND finish it out when a bunch a people who would never be that brave start to boo.*

The competition itself was pretty good but the true talent of the night shined through pretty quickly.  The first to catch my attention as one to watch was Adversary (@ADVMD) and with good reason. “Adversary received national acclaim after appearing on BET’s 106 & Park for 7 weeks as an undefeated Freestyle Friday ultimate champion.” He clearly was an experienced veteran and it showed.  The judges even commented on it during their assessment.  Clearly we all came for a battle but a challenge is always more fun (and less painful/embarrassing) to watch.  Another person that quickly popped out to watch was D’Meitz (@dmeitz) and that was before he even opened his mouth.  Let me lay out the scene. For starters, I could probably have counted the number of Caucasians (that did not work there) on one hand and that included D’Meitz!  He came out on stage in khakis, a collared button up with a sweater over top and a BOWTIE with his short blond hair (apparently he was a Marine!). Most people were cracking on him but my gut told me he was someone to watch.  He was too cocky in his character to not have something to back it up with. And back it up he did much to the surprise of many!

Round one they gave everyone 5 picture cues to refer to in their rap. The second round was a set of 5 words that they had to incorporate.  The final round, which to everyone’s excitement and hype was between Adversary and D’Meitz, had 2 rounds initially.  The first round was freestyle to music and the second round was a cappella. In the two earlier rounds, it was clear that they were both talented but D’Meitz kept letting the time run.  Joe warned him that he was going to need every second against Adversary!! First round was pretty clearly Adversary’s win but the second round, D’Meitz came back and even went on the audience when they tried to start booing.  The audience started chanting “One More Round, One More Round, One More Round”. Bun B was like I don’t normally do this but ya’ll asked for it! One More Round A Cappella, let’s go!

In the end, a winner emerged and to the surprise of many it was D’MEITZ!! Joe Budden even said “It pains me to say this but I have to give it to you man” lol. Overall it was a great time! Especially when Joe Budden performed (and especially when he took his shirt off!! lol).  Anyway it’s all on video so go see what it was all about and make sure to check out the final round in Atlanta and see if D’Meitz can hold it down for the DMV.

From Red Bull:

Red Bull EmSee  is a FREE to attend battle series designed to find the best freestyle rappers in the country and give them a national platform to show their skills and earn acclaim.

This year’s eight-city tour stops in DC at The Fillmore. The Trill OG: Bun B playing master of ceremonies. Up-and-comer Big K.R.I.T alongside veteran emcees Joe Budden and Devin the Dude will be doing double duty and judges and performers.

The winner of the DC qualifier will advance to the finals in Atlanta this fall where he’ll vie for the national championship and an opportunity to record with a headlining producer of his choice. For information on other Red Bull EmSee tour stops, please visit www.redbullusa.com/emsee.

The winner of the D.C. qualifier will advance to the Red Bull EmSee finals in Atlanta this fall, where all 2011 qualifiers will vie for the national championship and an opportunity to record with a headlining producer of their choice.

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