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A couple of weeks ago, I went to @SonomaDC with a friend for drinks (they have some phenomenal wine choices! – which is initially what I thought I would be talking about) and maybe to grab a bite.  We sat at the bar for a while and chatted while we enjoyed a glass of wine.  By the time a table opened up we were both feeling a little hungry and decided to look through the menu.

The half orders of pasta caught our eyes and I decided to go with the risotto – cinnamon bark, pecorino, & lemon zest.  I was a little hesitant about the cinnamon bark but I decided to take a risk.  When we asked the waiter told us that it was made with chicken stock so I figured it wouldn’t be too sweet.  When it arrived shortly later, I took the first bite and had a foodgasm!! It was amazing! So delicious with just the right balance of all the flavors in a way that I couldn’t have imagined. *Side note: a half order was just right for me to feel full without feeling stuffed!

My friend got the fettuccine – red wine-braised beef, rosemary, grana padano and I tried a bite of her and almost stole her plate!! It was AMAZING and the beef was tender and delicious!  Overall this is what inspired me to write about this place!! I would recommend it and I will definitely have to go back again soon!

My first experience with Sonoma though was over the summer.  Some friends and I went to @SonomaDC first (and as they said hopefully annual) Crab feast.  I would agree (with a few modifications)…

My girl @_ayala and I both discovered this event around the same time and decided to check it out.  Sunday August 28th from 4pm – 8pm get a bucket of crabs, two sides and a beer for just $35.  I don’t even like beer and this sounded great to me!

Despite discovering this weeks in advance, I never finalized my ticket purchase… a mistake that I discovered days before the event after it had sold out 😦  I decided to go anyway and get there early and see what could be worked out.  I have learned that most of life can be negotiated (something you discover early when both your parents have JDs).

First let me say that the staff was GREAT!!! They were all very accommodating and approachable and just friendly which is nice and unfortunately rare.  At first they said that they could not accommodation me with crabs, they were still offering their regular menu and I was welcome to stay and eat but there would not be a bucket for me.  They said though that they would try and get me a few (see sooo nice!!) but they had to first make sure to have enough for those who had prepaid.  Saddened but not ready to admit defeat yet, I waited for my friends to arrive.  Shortly after they got there, I was informed that a couple people had called to cancel and there was a bucket available!!!!!! Sweet success I was sooo excited. 

We sat outside (oh how I miss the summer time), with our beers that the chef had crafted (that part I did not love, but I hate beer so yeah probably shouldn’t ask me to judge).  I ordered corn and some coleslaw for my sides but my real focus was the crabs.  And soon our buckets arrived!!!!!!  The four of us dug into the steaming pile of crabs and started eating.  My first crab was excellent and hit the spot but I noticed that the second crab was kind of mushy and not good (not sure if it wasn’t fresh or was overcooked but it wasn’t right).  I tossed it and continued eating, with the rest of the crabs being like the first with maybe one or two more mushy ones mixed into the bunch.  We mentioned this to the waitress and without us asking, another bucket was brought out!!  *Note to restaurants: Customer service like this will trump most road bumps that occur in life!!* We finished eating and were chilling and enjoying being full.  Overall it was a great summer day and I look forward to checking it out again next year.  The only downsides that I saw were the issue with the crabs and maybe having people RSVP a time with their ticket or purchase certain ticket windows to help with the flow because at one point there were a bunch of people who had prepaid but there was no room for them at the time.

Overall it is a great restaurant and worth being visited, more than once!

“Sonoma’s Crab Feast on August 28th

by Amanda on July 25, 2011

Post image for Sonomas Crab Feast on August 28th

As Summer comes to an end, we decided to go out with a bang (or should we say “crack?”).

Sonoma Restaurant and Wine Bar is hosting its first (and hopefully annual) crab feast!

Join us on Sunday, August 28th from 4pm – 8pm for a bucket of crabs, two sides and a beer for just $35. With all those crabs, you’ll probably need more than one beer: PBR will be on special all afternoon for just $3 .

Spicy crabs, yummy sides, and cold beer and wine? We guarantee it’ll be a *bushel* of fun.

Reserve your bucket here today to get the discount!

($40 at the door)”

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