Ready for Q2 – An Update and Next Steps

DCFunemployment is a continuously growing passion of mine because I love celebrating dope women. But I am human, and I get tired. I am a champion for self care but sometimes we preach better than we do and I spent a lot of Q1 examining and catching up on some much needed self care. I kept saying I was going to be ready to relaunch and get back to this project next month and then I looked up and it was Spring and I realized that I have been hibernating. And that is just what I needed to be doing.

Now that the flowers are starting to push through, and the sun is ready to come out, I am ready to showcase some amazing more women and getting excited because while I was slightly dormant, behind the scenes, there was still a lot going on behind the scenes to get continue to expand and highlight the incredible people of the Funemployed.

Friday, I will be speaking at PurpleCon about Brand Storytelling and one of the beautiful things about how branding has evolved and expanded is that your brand is a living and growing thing. My brand is evolving and changing and growing right now and I cannot wait for you to see me burst outta this cocoon.

I’m also in a cohort of dope women called Tide Risers that is pushing me to continue to stretch and grow and step into my dopeness unapologetically!! We all have greatness in us, shine your light on yours and let it magnify.

Part of my greatness, outside of shining a light on other women here, is helping women turn their own lights in via yoga and other programming. So Q2 you will start to see more fun events, dinners, fitness and more to take you on this journey with me to be our greatest selves. Are you ready??

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Being Funemployed in 2018

Wow is it really almost 2019 already?!?! Does anyone else feel like the time is starting to move more quickly?! When I started this project a few years ago, it was a passion project created on a whim to hold on to my little corner of the internet.  I had no idea how people would respond to my request for an interview or to the questions I had come up with.  I was blown away when not only did women say yes but they were reporting back how much they enjoyed the experience!! It has been a lot of fun but also a fair amount of work.  Sometimes we need people to remind us to celebrate ourselves and need someone to hold space so we can cheer for ourselves and that is something I love doing but I had to take a breather to reconsider how I was doing it!

Hard to believe this was 3 years ago (Savannah of Authentic Portraits

Looking Back to Move Forward
Back in 2013, I did an interview with the Washington Examiner called the 3 Minute Interview.  At the time I identified as a D.C. blogger and stylist and one thing that definitely hasn’t changed is I was connecting with people.  I’ve only recently begun to realize what a gift connection is along with the ability to bring people together.  I have friends of all stages (some of my mother’s friends also read my blog), and I love it!  So I’m going to keep doing it for myself and for those looking for their space in this place.

Finishing out 2018 & Goals for 2019
Wow it’s hard to believe that I haven’t shared a new highlight since May but time flies when you are having fun and planning to take over the world.  It’s time for me to kick back in high gear and while I revamp the site (it’s been 7 years yall!!), I’m excited to start scheduling interviews for 2019.  So nominate your favorites, big, small and all to be celebrated next year!
Nominations for The Funemployed

Morgan. (Rodney Choice/Choice Photography/

The Pause
So there were a few reasons for the pause but one of them was that I needed to decide what direction DCFunemployment was going.  I have had other awesome opportunities and needed to decide how to approach monetizing the site without placing that cost on female founders. So DCFunemployment is now looking for sponsors and partners to support the site and those we features continuing to grow and shine.  If you know someone that would be a good fit, please direct them to the link below.
Interested Sponsors & Partners

The Comeback
So what should you expect next? Well DCFunemployment is getting a facelift.  We’re going to freshen up a bit to come back bright and shiny in 2019.  You can also look forward to seeing great new interviews, updates from past features and Females to watch as we look at ladies on the rise.  2018 has been and incredible year and it is going to keep getting better so thank you for riding along with me!

Love you,
Morgan Fykes
Founder & Friend

PS.  If you want to know what else I have been up to, here’s a few things for you to check out:
*I am the city manager for The Passport Program – (Use code MORGANDC to get one for $10)
*I am the Director of Strategic Engagement for We The People DC which is an instagram account that showcases a different person’s view of DC each day.  (You can sign up to take a spin in the bio, but the wait is a bit long so be prepared.)
*I keep track of all the fun events and adventures around DC on As It Happens with an events calendar and weekly round ups of fun things to do around DC.
*I contribute to a few different sites to help raise mental health awareness.
*I’ve had the amazing opportunity to moderate some amazing panels and discussion and am excited to do more
*YOGA!! I’m doing a lot more yoga and looking do more teaching so if you know of any opportunities, let me know!

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Conversations: Create and Cultivate Presents Resistance Rises Pop Up in DC

Last week, I had the pleasure of seeing some of my favorite folks speak at a panel called Resistance Rises at The Line DC.  Create & Cultivate did a series of pop up with Amazon Prime Video and it’s hit show The Man In The High Castle which is about this very discussion topic of resistance.  

Resistance is defined as “the refusal to accept or comply with something; the attempt to prevent something by action or argument” and these ladies embody that definition.  Alex Elle, Katalina Mayorga, Randi Gloss, Brandi Chantalle, and Brittany Packnett are the resistance and it was wonderful to be a fly on the wall as they had a encouraging conversation.  We are living in strange times right now and we all need to treat each other better.  This conversation was a reminder that there is more work to be done! 

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The Funemployed: Emelyn Rude of Eaten

DCF: Who Are You?
My name is Emelyn Rude and I am a D.C. native and the editor-in-chief of Eaten, a new magazine dedicated to food history. I’ve spent the past few years working for celebrity chefs and cookbook authors, writing a book on the history of chicken, and backpacking through almost thirty countries. In addition to publishing Eaten, I am also a graduate student at the University of Cambridge in the UK.

DCF: Why do you love what you do? What makes you funemployment?
ER: I am fascinated by food and history and love that I can spend my days reading about both.


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The Funemployed: Sandra Gault of True Gault

DCF: Who Are You?
Sandra Gault, True Gault, CEO “Fashion should fit you; not the other way around.” The idea emerged as Sandra stood in painful designer heels at a party, realizing that no amount of compliments could make her feel at ease. It was then she vowed that every woman – regardless of age, size, or shape of her feet – deserved a beautiful pair of heels that she could wear all day long, in perfect comfort and confidence. So she channeled her three passions – fashion, business, and technology – into True Gault.

Sandra has over 20 years of experience in building business, leveraging technologies, and leading teams. Her experience at Kodak and IBM Corporation refined her skills in imaging technology to achieve her vision of customizing high-fashion shoes of the highest quality. Sandra was then involved with 2 start ups which she successfully exited preparing her further for the start-up world. Before bringing True Gault to life, Sandra pursued an apprenticeship to learn the art of shoe-making, then researched to find the perfect craftsmen and manufacturing facility to support her endeavor.

True Gault is Sandra’s true passion. She never sets foot anywhere without a pair of these true-fit shoes. To date she has taken over 5,626,290 steps, or walked 1,674 miles, in her True Gault shoes.

True Gault _ Founder - CEO Sandra Gault

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The Funemployed: Camille and Gabriella of Hustle Over Entitlement

DCF: Who Are You?
Camille Stewart and Gabriella Ziccarelli are attorneys and the co-hosts of Hustle Over Entitlement. Hustle Over Entitlement is a podcast that tells stories of trailblazers and risk takers. We seek to inspire our listeners to pursue their dream careers, take the leap, and own their futures. You can find out more about the podcast at, follow us on social media @iHustleForIt, and subscribe!

You can find out more about Camille at and Gabriella at

_K6A4443 logo

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The Funemployed: Shreya Bhargava

DCF: Who Are You?
I am Shreya. I grew up in India, in an upper middle-class family. However, many around me struggled to make ends meet. This income inequality always gave me a deep sense of discomfort. That is why I decided to study Economics at Brown University. After graduating from Brown, I moved to D.C. to work for an economic consulting firm. Last year, for my personal fulfillment, I started volunteering at a homeless shelter.

At the shelter, I heard the stories of the homeless and, I was compelled to do something that could enrich and impact on their lives and also eventually help them out of homelessness. With that in mind a year ago, I started District Mugs, a nonprofit that introduces entrepreneurship to the homeless, teaching them how to run a business painting, marketing, and selling coffee mugs.

I have been able to help almost 20 homeless men and women to date and it continues to be an incredibly rewarding though tough journey where I have collaborated with other nonprofits, involved fiscal sponsors, roped in the Brown University faculty and networks, and become an entrepreneur myself.


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The Funemployed: Courtney Rae O’Neal

DCFunemployment: Tell the people – Who are you?

Courtney Rae O’Neal of Courted!  “More than fashion – it’s a Lifestyle”.  Courted! is a personal styling service and fashion blog. At Courted! we help clients through personal shopping and mobile services to enhance or develop and execute their personal style.

DCF: What does being funemployed mean to you & what was your path to funemployment?

CO:  Funemployed means doing what you love. And that path for me is still being written…stay tuned.


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The Funemployed: Ginny Wright

DCF: Who Are You?
Ginny Wright, founder/owner of BbG Fitness and The Total Wellness Challenge. BbG Fitness is a year-round outdoor fitness company which I started in 2003 with no business plan. Today we have 5 instructors, 19 classes at 7 locations offered 6 days a week. As a certified Health and Wellness Coach, I used my knowledge and experience to design The Total Wellness Challenge.


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The Funemployed: Dr. Kristian Henderson

DCF: Who Are You?
I am Dr. Kristian Henderson, a Public Health Professor, a believer in #BlackGirlMagic, and am committed to all things wellness and self-love. I received my Bachelor’s degree from Yale and my Doctorate degree from Johns Hopkins School of Public Health. I blend my academic knowledge, creativity, and unconventional philosophy to promote healthy, happy, and free lifestyles. No day is the same, from teaching public health at George Washington to leading yoga classes to mentoring entrepreneurs, I aim to redefine success and help others do the same.

Kristian Henderson

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