Event: @SyleneDC Happy Hour to Announce @CapFabb Blogger Contest Winners – @HealthyGlowBlog & @ejfass

picture via asicophoto/Joy Asico

Last week on the day after Single Awareness Day AKA Valentine’s Day, I went to the Sylene Blogger Contest Lingerie Happy Hour & Celebration at Sylene of DC.   One of the things that I love about being a CapFabb member is that places really roll out the red carpet when they have events for us.  There was a lovely spread of cupcakes, champagne, cheese crackers and some veggies.  They had me at champagne and cupcakes but that was only the beginning.  After getting a glass I got to mingle with the lovely ladies there and chat about our blogs and the lovely undergarments all around.  I wish that more ladies had come out to take advantage of Sylene’s generous invitation but I understand that weeknight events can be hard make, I almost didn’t go myself.

The event was short and sweet (pun intended) with a few wonderful highlights.  I initially planned to enter the competition but being a new blogger, I did not think that I had the following to really have a chance but as I mingled and talked with everyone I realized that you never know until you try and I’ll never grow until I try.  I may not have the following today but that doesn’t mean I won’t get there but I digress a little. 

Sylene is a wonderful DC gem that does not, in my humble opinion, get the recognition that it deserves.  One of the things that I really enjoyed about the event was hearing the Herstory of Sylene.  It is a woman-owned lingerie store in the Washington, DC area with over thirty years experience.  The name Sylene stands for Cyla and Helen, sisters who grew up spending Saturdays and summer vacations working in their parent’s lingerie shop.   In 1975, Cyla opened Sylene.  The store came to be because why Cyla got married, her job would not give her the time off as a buyer to go on I believe her honeymoon!!  Her husband told her to quit and not work but she quickly tired of not working and decided to do what she knew best, sell beautiful lingerie.  Since that time, Sylene has specialized in serving their customers with the finest lingerie, swimwear, sleepwear, post-surgical items, accessories, and gifts handpicked from the best domestic and international designers.  One of the major initial draws of the store was the fact that Cyla was trained to do post mastectomy fittings which took her all the way to the White house to fit Ms. Nancy Reagan!!!   I’m sure that I’ve left out some details, can’t quite tell it with the way that these lovely sisters did but I think this give a little peek at the gem!

The final highlight was the bras!!  I was recently informed by my little sister that my gap bras were not cutting it and that I needed an upgrade.  While I agreed with her, I did not realize how badly that upgrade was needed.   The owners reminded up that anything you build needs a solid foundation and that includes a good outfit.  Sylene’s “S” Factor is comprised of the 6 bras that they believe that every woman should own Seamless, Sexy, Specialty, Spa, Sport, and Strapless.  With these 6 bras, you are ready for any outfit!  Overall it was a great (and informative) night and I’m really glad I went).  Congrats to the lovely ladies who did win the grand prize!! Fellow @CapFabb members @HealthyGlowBlog of (http://healthyglows.tumblr.com/) & @ejfass (http://somuchtosmileabout.com/)

picture via asicophoto/Joy Asico

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