Food: Dial Up Jamaica at 876 Cafe

Fun Invitation

Fun Invitation

Last week I was invited to a tasting at 876 Cafe with some other wonderful fashion and food bloggers in the DC area.  876 Cafe is a dining spot mere steps from the Van Ness Metro that opened a few months.  It is inspired by its name which is the area code of Jamaica (get it – Dial Up!! lol).


Inside 876 Restaurant

As you can see from the picture on their website, 876 is a great warm and welcoming spot that offers a true island experience.  I was running late from an event that I had earlier that night and was considered that I had missed all the great food.  When I arrived though, everyone was getting to know each other and enjoying the intimate atmosphere.  Something great that people may not realize is that 876 is also a bit of an art gallery so the art not only adds to the great ambiance but also can also be taken home for your own little piece of paradise.


The Official Foodies 🙂

While we were meeting and greeting, I was pleasantly surprised to see some faces I knew and equally pleased to see some I didn’t, including one of the two owners (who are also sister and brother), Moreen Wallace.  Moreen seems to handle the front of house while her brother Michael throws down in the kitchen.  The menu offers a great variety of classic Caribbean food like jerk chicken and shrimp, rum punch, and curry chicken to name a few.

Shortly after I arrived so did some goodies for us to try!!  First out was the Rasti:


Rasti is a Jamaican version of a Long Island Iced Tea.  Since the tasting was on a Tuesday, we were able to take part in $2 Tuesdays when Rasti is offered for less!! A tasty treat but it was blown out the water by Rum Punch but let me not get ahead…

Curry Spring Rolls

Curry Spring Rolls

Our appetizer was some delicious Curry Spring Rolls that were filled with chicken, chick peas, cabbage and carrots.  They were served with a delicious tangy pineapple chutney that made the dish complete.


For dinner we had their signature jerk chicken wraps with jack cheese and pineapple.  They had a great flavor that would be great on a hot day so you could close your eyes and imagine you were on the island.


We ended with a toast with the Mango and Guava Rum Punch.  I’ve never been to Jamaica but one taste and I was back on a beach.

Chef Michael

Chef Michael

Chef Michael came out at the end to greet all of us and we had the opportunity to thank him for a wonderful meal!!

Everybody (cue Backstreet Boys)

Everybody (cue Backstreet Boys)

The other ladies present from Left to Right were Waverly, Myself, TrishaLisha, Steph, Jess & Amanda.  Thanks so much to our organizer, Ijeoma (who unfortunately did not get in the picture!!).

I ended the night with one of my favorite traditions which is usually food with Waverly but since we had already eaten, we had some delicious rum punch instead.

rum punch

If you like what you see here, sign up for Groupon and get their deal for 876 Cafe – $20 for Caribbean Brunch Buffet and Mimosas or Mango Moscato for Two ($39.98 Value).  Last but not least – vote for them in the Small Business, Big Wishes Contest.  Happy feasting!

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3 Responses to Food: Dial Up Jamaica at 876 Cafe

  1. Ijeoma says:

    Loved this write up. I NEED to camera like the one you have. Great photos. If I see anything else in the pipeline, I will let you know! Happy holidays.

  2. Waverly says:

    Such a fun & tasty night! Hope to see you soon 🙂

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