Editorial: To Sony & the creators of “The Interview”, Let’s Be Real, You Started It

cancelled interview So I have been watching all of the crazy back and forth around the Sony attacks and the “terrorism” from North Korea and the entitlement of some Americans never ceases to amaze me. *Gets out soap box, dusts if off, places it down, climbs up, and takes a deep breath cause no one’s gonna like this one but I DON’T CARE*

So let’s start with the interview, a film about two fluff journalist who have captured the attention of America by doling out pop culture drivel as news (about for example, and I am quoting this directly, Nicki Minaj’s vagina – sorry not real news). The “nice guy” has an awaken after their 1000 episode (and being called a massive sell out) and whines to the “cute one” about wanting to be real journalist and after trying to convince the “nice guy” that “they hate us cause they ain’t us”, but then in a twist, the leader of North Korea is also a fan and wants the to interview him. Finally a chance for some real news!!! Then cut scene to massive rave like party, wake up bras everywhere to the CIA on your door asking you to take out, no not to dinner, like take out… TAKE OUT the leader of North Korea. Wait is this movie about KILLING A WORLD LEADER?!?!

interview stillYes you heard me correctly!

Now let’s all pause for a minute in this synopsis and process that… some people in Hollywood got together, talked about, planned, spent money, time and energy making a movie about killing a World Leader?!?! So far in this scenario I see only one terrorist… Because like it or not, North Korea is a country and deserves respect. I would be mighty offended if another country made a movie about killing my President so I can understand how North Korea might be a little ticked at even the idea that we can just make a movie about this and laugh and nothing would happen.  I mean the arrogance of thinking that no one would be like um excuse me, are you F*ing seriously going through with this?  Freedom of Speech is clearly an American ideal but even it has limitations such as don’t yell bomb in a crowded theater.  Well instead Sony insured there may be bombs in every theater if this movie ever comes out.

no Interview_theater

Now don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of movies that involve plots to take out world leaders somehow woven through but it is rarely the main focus and it is often about  a fictional person, not the current leader BY NAME!! Politics and human relations runs through every aspect of life and clearly from the leaked emails, Sony does not know any better but hopefully this will serve as a wake up call.  Hopefully Sony learns that:

  1. Actions have consequences
  2. Some subjects are not meant to be movies
  3. World Leaders should not be messed with, especially ones that already have a history of being a little off and have a whole country at their command!!!
  4. Stop being ignorant, and stop documenting all your ignorance in email
  5. Actually just go sit in the corner for a while, you are on time out cause YOU started this and then had the nerve to have people calling North Korea the problem.  You should have left them alone, you know they special, WHY ARE YOU STARTING STUFF?!?

I think the final screen shot of the film trailer sums it up best if you read right below the Christmas… Happy Holidays Everyone

interview final screen

Watch this trailer and tell me I’m wrong:

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