CapFabb Event: Time for more learning with CapFabbAcademy

For those of you who are not bloggers, let me tell you a little about CapFabb.  Two lovely ladies came together, Lacey of A Lacey Perspective and Liz of So Much To Smile About, and created CapFabb in 2011 to bring together the DC metropolitan area’s best to collaborate, learn and grow.  It began with fashion and style bloggers and grew to include food bloggers, lifestyle bloggers and every blogger in-between.  CapFABB is the community of bloggers that inspires our Nation’s Capital.  If that is you come join us because I have learned that there is power in numbers and community and we can all grow together and learn from each other no matter how big or small.  That learning is the perfect transition into our upcoming event.

new capfabb academy

One of the wonderful perks of the evolving new CapFabb is the upcoming CapFabb Academy Panel.  Come learn “How to Navigate Brand Relationships” from some of those who know how to do it best.  We’ve got some great panelists that are ready to share all their elusive knowledge with our amazing members.  Want to join in the learning session?!? Become a member of CapFabb and get in on all the great people, perks and possibilities that comes with being a member.  It started as a common place for people to come together and it is now evolving into so much more.  Hope you are ready for an amazing ride, I will be there as your event ambassador helping guide you through the many, MANY going ons around this political Hollywood that we call home.  So sit back, buckle up, grab your champs and let’s take a trip!! First stop is CapFabb Academy so we can learn how to fly!!


– Live in DC, VA or MD.
– Must post a minimum of two times a week.
– Minimum of 2 months of blog history.
– Social media presence.

– Admittance to quarterly educational panels (followed by cocktails, of course).
– Features on CapFABB’s blog and social media platforms.
– Opportunities to participate with local and national brand campaigns.
– Meet and mingle with fellow members.
– Mentorship.
– Opportunity to apply to attend VIP/Private events.

About Morgan of DCFunemployment

Welcome to DCFunemployment. My name is Morgan and I am a native Washingtonian. In this post Paris Hilton era, socialite has became a bit of a dirty word. However by definition, a socialite is a person who is well known in fashionable society and is fond of social activities and entertainment. Like it or not, that's me so these are the diaries of a reluctant socialite. Follow me here or on social media to see some of the best that DC has to offer.
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1 Response to CapFabb Event: Time for more learning with CapFabbAcademy

  1. So sad I’m missing this! Have fun ladies!!!

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