Event Recap: WALE!!!! & The Concert About Nothing (That was really EVERYTHING)

If you were around H street last weekend you got a pop up surprise!! Our DC Native Wale gave our city The Concert About Nothing—a pop up free concert he threw on Saturday afternoon in the AutoZone parking lot on H Street NE.  Wale told us that he’s “dreamed (his) whole life about doing some shit like this here.”  This “shit” was a homecoming performance that was a mixture of classic Wale and new songs from his recently released, The Album About Nothing.  Washingtonians big and small came out to see the show and Wale shut it down!! Like the whole street, it was packed, it was crazy but it was DC.   A sea of people as far as you could see but it with a casual relaxed vibe that you could only get on H street DC. (Shout out to Events DC and Rock The Vote for making this happen!!!) Here is what you missed, in pictures and videos from the pit!

.   DSC01073

These boys caught my eye because there was something so awesome about these young men watching Wale and his crew coming home.  They will always remember this show and seeing the success of someone that looks like them and comes from where they live!


Native Washingtonians love us some local success, Wale will always be a child of this city.  DC is a big city with a small town heart! It’s much smaller than people think here.


Wale just being Wale and we loved every minute of it…



My favorite little man sneaking in again




My favorite pic is the one catching a rare Wale smile…

DSC01122 DSC01123 DSC01133 DSC01141 Wale showing off his shiny shoes before tossing out some signed ones to the fans.  These are the moments that happen so quickly people sometimes miss them. After signing and tossing the shoes to the screaming fans, the last shoe went to a young man hiding out behind the drums.  I wish I could have caught his glowing smile.

DSC01149 DSC01154

Wale couldn’t be contained to the stage, he jumped down twice to get closer to the crowd and we could not get enough of it.  We got to take a musical journey with Wale that started at Ambition’s “Legendary,” a perfect starting point.  We heard More About Nothing’s “The Breakup Song” and Attention Deficit’s “90210,” blended with TAAN’s “The Girls on Drugs.” Along the musical journey, artist hopped on the train to join the ride like Trey of UCB (for those none natives, that’s a go-go band) who helped give us “Lotus Flower Bomb” and “The Matrimony”.  Dew Baby joined to perform “Loyalty,” and it wouldn’t be a DC show without Fat Trel showing up to help out with “Bait”.  Wale gave us “The White Shoes” as well as “No Hands”.  He gave us Wale, and the people soaked it all up in the streets!

DSC01161 DSC01162

Success is always better with your homies and Wale brought all of his!

DSC01168 DSC01171

Work work work work

Think about You



On a different note, this was another moment that I think many people missed.  Basically during the finale someone in the entourage decided to make it rain and one of the fans was THIRSTY.  I was knocked out of the way in his pursuit of the dollar and he was so focused on getting every dollar that he got ON STAGE to try and catch them all… I’m sure you can imagine how that went.  Let’s call this “When making it rain goes wrong…”

Hope everyone has a great weekend and I’ll see you around DC!!

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Welcome to DCFunemployment. My name is Morgan and I am a native Washingtonian and socialite, aka a person who is known in society and is fond of social activities and entertainment. I am a storyteller, connector, yogi, artist, stylist, teacher and cheerleader. I believe that we can all win, be great and make the world better. Morgan is a strategist whose work sits at the intersection of people, experiences, storytelling, events, brands and business to help people develop their dreams and turn them into reality! I practice collaboration over competition because there is room for everyone to succeed. Follow me here or on social media to see some of the best that DC has to offer.
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