#WeGo to SweetLife, Firefly, & Trillectro- My Festival Summer (Next Stop: Landmark!!)

I love music. Something about music and dance speak to me.  It is the unspoken language of the soul and when I hear a song that speaks my dialect it is energizing.  From the profound music of the socially conscious to the fun dance song that makes your hips just yearn to shake, I love it all.  I am coming to accept that between the music and the yoga, I’m kind of an overdressed hippie.  So I am never one to turn down a music festival and this summer there were quite a few to attend!!

The first was Sweetlife, a music festival hosted by Sweetgreen that started as a small gathering of family and friends in the parking lot of their second store and has grown into a 2-day festival, featuring over 22 hours of music and more than 25 of their favorite artists. In their words, “the sweetlife is about meaningful living and authentic relationships. It’s about recognizing the unexpected combinations that create memories. sweetlife 2015 is not just about seeing some of our favorite bands perform, or eating the best healthy, local food around – it’s the intersection of these two things coming together to create a memorable experience.”  We made some awesome memories that day as you can see!!

The next festival was Firefly music festival was at The Woodlands in Dover, DE.

I road-tripped there with Jessica Hoy & Diego Gonzalez-Zuniga which was a complete blast especially when I discovered they both love to sing/karaoke  (no shade cause they are both really talented to it was actually like my preshow!!)  While I was there we jammed out to some artist I already loved but even more exciting was falling in love with new music as well like Elliphant & Zella Day who were both AMAZING!

During our day at the festival, Jessica Hoy interviewed the Chainsmokers so of course we had to take a #selfie!!! (I was very excited to learn that it was their first selfie stick selfie lol).

The only downside to the weekend was the torrential downpour the struck Saturday night and forced the show to shut down but even that ended up being fun cause this is what our rain out looks like –

The next epic summer festival was the fourth installment of Trillectro which I missed because I was on vacation but I could not post this without giving them a shout out because their show is epic.  Modi Oyewole, Marcel Marshall and Quinn Coleman launched Trillectro — a mashup of the words “trill” and “electro” (disclaimer, DC’s small so yes I did grow up with these guys but that doesn’t detract from their greatness and I am sooo proud of how much this show has grown every year!!). This year it was at Merriweather and it looks like (and I hear) I missed an amazing show!!!

I love everything about this video, especially when the bass drops!! See more of the greatness on their Instagram!!

Our next festival is also right here in my hometown of Washington DC, the Landmark Music Festival.  I am majorly excited for the next two days for a variety of reasons and the biggest one surprisingly isn’t the music.  It’s the cause!!  It has been 39 years since the mall has been renovated and the backlog is piling up!!  The Trust for the National Mall which is an official partner of the National Park Service is leading the charge to restore and improve the National Mall and honor its ideals for future generations through the new Landmark Campaign. The festival is the kickoff for this monumental (haha pun intended?) national campaign to bring awareness and funds to America’s Front Yard.  I love partying for a good cause so if you haven’t gotten your tickets yet HURRY!!! Note to all my parents out there, it’s also kid friendly!! Hope to see you all there to check out Drake (fresh off the mixtape drop!!).

As well as DC’s own Wale (fresh from kickin it with Michelle Obama!!).

Enjoy the show over their live stream and see all of the action behind the scenes on my Snapchat: shmorgan85!!

About Morgan of DCFunemployment

Welcome to DCFunemployment. My name is Morgan and I am a native Washingtonian. In this post Paris Hilton era, socialite has became a bit of a dirty word. However by definition, a socialite is a person who is well known in fashionable society and is fond of social activities and entertainment. Like it or not, that's me so these are the diaries of a reluctant socialite. Follow me here or on social media to see some of the best that DC has to offer.
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