The Funemployed: Ursula Lauriston

DCFunemployment: Tell the people – Who are you?

Ursula Lauriston, Editor-in-Chief, Capitol Standard Magazine a digital publication for influential young professionals. (DCF: We know a few of those!!)


DCF: What does being funemployed mean to you & what was your path to funemployment?

UL: Funemployed to me means paying the bills (DCF: Yasss) with what you love. My path to funemployed began over 2 years ago, when I realized that what I loved doing was running a publication. I’ve always loved magazines on a visceral level. Now I get to live and breathe it through my business.

DCF: Who was your first cheerleader?

UL: It’s weird, but my first cheerleader when it comes to Capitol Standard was and continues to be my old roommate. He (yeah I lived with a guy and it was awesome!) took a photo of when I officially incorporated the business. He said I’d want to remember how it all began. To have someone believe in you in that way is priceless (DCF: Sooo true!).

DCF:  What experiences in your life prepared you for where you are now?

UL: You know, I have always been a hyper involved person. Since high school, I loved having my hand in multiple things. I never thought about being an entrepreneur, but when I look back I guess I always was one. (DCF: Funny how you look up one day and realize you’ve become an entrepreneur!). It’s just at this point in my life, I’m older and able to make those hard decisions. Before I was just a student and had to do what I was told. But now I can make my own choices.

DCF: Where do you get your inspiration and/or motivation?

UL: When you’re trying to build a brand, it takes a very long time to get things moving. It can be very discouraging at times. But my mom and my husband have been incredible motivators. I think God puts people in your path who help keep you on track (DCF: Amen sister!!). And they have certainly done that for me.

capital a

DCF: What does balance mean to you and how do find balance?

UL: For me balance is not being rushed. When you are super busy and falling behind and are completely tasks at 50%, something has to give. For me this year, my challenge is getting rid of those things that haven gotten me off balance. At the end of the day I’d rather do a few things well, then do a 100 things wrong.

DCF: What sacrifices did you have to make to get here?

UL: I’ve sacrificed my time and my money. But honestly, this is where I need to be. I wouldn’t want to give my all to anything else right now. This is where my heart is.

DCF: What struggles have you faced as a women in your industry?

UL: This industry is dominated by women but the men are at the very top. On top of that it’s a very crowded industry. 2 million plus stories are published everyday. What the heck is going to make someone want to read mine over someone else’s? Obviously if I focused on those things I’d never go far. Sometimes you have to keep your head down and keep going.

DCF: What is the early advice you didn’t listen to that you wish you had?

UL: There is not a single piece of good advice that I have gotten that I haven’t listened to. A PR agent once told me that I’m too nice and that I needed to be ruthless. I didn’t think the advice was good or bad. I just realized that this person doesn’t know me at all. Because if he did he’d know that I’m not “nice”. At least not in a lollipops and gumdrops type of way (DCF: Yeah that sugar and spice and everything nice stuff doesn’t really apply to me either!). I say what I mean and mean what I say and I respect others.

DCF: What was your greatest failure and what did you learn from it?

UL: I’ve had so many. Where do I start? I planned a huge block party and had almost 50 vendors and it literally rained from start to finish. Like flood-worthy, torrential downpour. It was awful. But people had fun, the vendors didn’t get upset, and I’m still in contact with a lot of those vendors till this day. Events are unpredictable and all you can do is plan and hope for the best.

ursula 2

DCF: What is your proudest moment?

UL: I have had a lot of proud moments but the “proudest moment” is yet to come. Stay tuned. 🙂

DCF: So what’s next??

UL: I’m redesigning the site and working on some new products that I hope to launch this year. I also just hosted an awesome Valentine’s Day event. Follow Capitol Standard on Twitter or @Urdiggy to keep in the loop!

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  1. Love these interviews. I can totally relate when Ursula talks about “who wants to read my story?” Like she said, the important part is carrying on! Great profile!

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