Conversations: Create and Cultivate Presents Resistance Rises Pop Up in DC

The mood at The Line was electric and you could feel the energy both in the city and in this space as we gathered to learn together how we can become more effective social justice warriors (I know some people have tried to make SJW some sort of dirty word but I’m all for making the world a better place). The conversation took place at The Line Hotel, a cultural hub for DC.  They talked about resistance, what it means to them and how they participate in resisting.  They also touched on the important topic of self care and how to do the work while also putting yourself first.

Here are some great quotes from the night that encourage us all to get moving forward and doing the work that needs to be done.  (Photos and quotes from Create & Cultivate)

“The resistance is showing up for each other.” – Randi Gloss

“People think that the resistance started the day after 2016 election and I’m here to tell you that it did not. There were lots of women, and women of color in particular all across this country who reminded this country of how to protest, what it looked like to protest, what it means to get arrested when it wasn’t planned, what it means to show up to a march when there is no time on a flyer.” – Brittany Packnett

“Changing is not failing.” – Randi Gloss

“Social media is great, but doing the work off the internet is greater.” – Alex Elle

“Just because you’re a progressively white woman, it doesn’t mean you’re woke.” – Katalina Mayorga

”Be mindful of your homegirls that are not checking in on you every week and asking if you’re okay.” – Randi Gloss

“I always think: How can I be present to my community that’s right in front of me, before I lend myself to a fight that is beyond my home?” – Brandi Chantalle

“The changes that I’m making, glory to god you’re going to benefit from them, but they’re for ME” – Brittany Packnett

“Showing up as my whole self, and being on my best behavior, and sharing my truth is the lesson, and whoever receives that can take it and do with what they will.” – Alex Elle

“If you can’t think of questions right away, just ask why.” – Katalina Mayorga

“A lot of people think things are happening to them and that they are not able to be in charge. We need to recognize that we are all change agents and that we have power in the decisions we make.” – Brandi Chantalle

”Self-choosing is HARD. The hard work is what we don’t want to do. A lot of people are looking for the why and not the HOW? And the how is SHOWING UP! Self choosing has to be the goal. You are allowed to choose yourself without guilt, shame or second guessing.” – Alex Elle

”Sauce is forever, juice is temporary.” – Randi Gloss

”I’ve been trying to get myself free so I can go out and do it for other people but I am still learning to advocate for myself.” – Brittany Packnett

”A lot of the time choosing yourself is almost a last resort.” – Randi Gloss

”Before you look into your community, look into yourself. Write in your journal. Self advocacy is filling out what do I need today? It’s vocalizing what you need, when you need it.” – Randi Gloss

”Asking a lot of questions breaks down defenses. That way things start to unravel and then you start to draw conclusions of how illogical that belief is.” – Brittany Packnett

If you do not know what to do or how to help, take a strong first step and go VOTE on Nov 6th. 

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