Event Recap: City Paper’s Best of DC Event 2015

best of flyer

This year was Washington City Paper’s 3rd Annual Best of D.C. Celebration.  City Paper readers choose their favorite people, places, and services in over 300 categories each year and this event celebrates those winners.  It was my pleasure to join over 50 top restaurants, local breweries, distilleries and musicians for the season’s best event!  A list of the participating food providers for the night included 1905, &pizza, Acre 121, Art & Soul, Bar Pilar, Bier Baron, Blue 44, Boqueria, Boss Shepherd’s, Brabo, Cashion’s Eat Place, Daikaya, Del Campo, Del Frisco’s Grille, Dirty South Deli, El Camino, El Centro DF, Fainting Goat, Firefly, Founding Farmers, GBD, Gibson, Graffiato, Hank’s Oyster Bar, Masa 14, Jack Rose, Lebanese Taverna, Meridian Pint, Ocopa, P.J. Clarke’s, Pearl Dive Oyster Palace, Pinea, Ping Pong Dim Sum, Policy, Pop’s Sea Bar, Poste, Rare Sweets, Right Proper Brewing Company, Room 11, Taylor Gourmet, Ted’s Bulletin, Tico, Vinoteca, Zengo as well as local breweries: Atlas Brew Works, Bluejacket, DC Brau, Port City Brewing, Right Proper Brewing Company, Three Stars Brewing.


This year was a little different from last year because the party had been extended outside to welcome all the various brews.  Upon arrival this year everyone was greeted with cars and beers in tent on the front steps of the Carnegie Library.  I love the versatility and size of the Carnegie Library but this year it was clear that Best of DC may have outgrown it.  The problem with throwing a great party is that word gets out!  This year there was barely room to move once the doors were open!! Keep in mind that there are three floors and various side rooms but every one was filled with people eating and drinking and laughing.  The thing that gets me excited to go every year is that every where you turn, there is something delicious to eat:

DSC01185  DSC01222 DSC01215 DSC01214       DSC01197 DSC01186

Almost missed the basement level, until I smelled the pork belly wafting up the stairs:


You could definitely also find something delicious to drink:

DSC01195 DSC01201

Or something sweet to eat:

DSC01209 DSC01208

Or some awesome music: Live or DJ, your choice!

DSC01207 DSC01220

Some other highlights from the night were catching this guy wearing the decorations:


And this guys winning free airline tickets (It shouldve been me!!!):


While we never need a reason to have a good time, it’s always even better when it’s for a good cause.  Each year Washington City Paper is proud to support youth-focused local non-profits related to both the hospitality and arts industries.  The 2015 food/hospitality non-profit beneficiary will be Brainfood. Brainfood is a non-profit youth development organization that uses food as a tool to build life skills and promotes healthy living in a fun and safe environment.  The 2015 art/education non-profit beneficiary will be Girls Rock! DC. Girls Rock is a D.C.-based non-profit that creates a supportive, inclusive, and creative space for girls to develop their self confidence, build a community, and rock out!


On the way out, I spotted one of my favorite companies Car2Go letting people see how spacious their smart cars are. (If you don’t have a membership, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!!)  See you around DC, maybe in a smart car!


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Event Recap: WALE!!!! & The Concert About Nothing (That was really EVERYTHING)

If you were around H street last weekend you got a pop up surprise!! Our DC Native Wale gave our city The Concert About Nothing—a pop up free concert he threw on Saturday afternoon in the AutoZone parking lot on H Street NE.  Wale told us that he’s “dreamed (his) whole life about doing some shit like this here.”  This “shit” was a homecoming performance that was a mixture of classic Wale and new songs from his recently released, The Album About Nothing.  Washingtonians big and small came out to see the show and Wale shut it down!! Like the whole street, it was packed, it was crazy but it was DC.   A sea of people as far as you could see but it with a casual relaxed vibe that you could only get on H street DC. (Shout out to Events DC and Rock The Vote for making this happen!!!) Here is what you missed, in pictures and videos from the pit!

.   DSC01073

These boys caught my eye because there was something so awesome about these young men watching Wale and his crew coming home.  They will always remember this show and seeing the success of someone that looks like them and comes from where they live!


Native Washingtonians love us some local success, Wale will always be a child of this city.  DC is a big city with a small town heart! It’s much smaller than people think here.


Wale just being Wale and we loved every minute of it…



My favorite little man sneaking in again




My favorite pic is the one catching a rare Wale smile…

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Upcoming Event: Best of DC 2015

best of flyerWho’s ready for the Best of DC Events?!?! If you haven’t gotten your tickets you better hurry!!! It’s on Thursday and you don’t want to miss it!!

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Event Recap: Urban Chic VIP Spring Fete

Urban Chic helped us jump into Spring with a VIP Spring Fashion Fete at their store in Georgetown. We were greeted by a Spring ready table display by Socially Unacceptable and they did a great job! Looked good enough to eat or wear!

(Taken by Morgan Fykes)

Everything was bright and festive, making hard to pick just one new piece!! Not only did we all get to browse great fashions, I also had the pleasure of meeting the woman who designed my top!! Silvia Huezo of Red Hue Boutique was my fashion inspiration/twin for the night in the blue and white version of my top (well really her top!). I love it both ways!

(Taken by Morgan Fykes)

It was a great night with bites from Pie Sisters DC and Patisserie Poupon that were hard to resist!

(Taken by Morgan Fykes)

It’s always great to run into fellow bloggers like Alicia Tenise of her self named site and of E of District of Chic who always looks fashionable!


(Taken by Morgan Fykes)

And Caroline who was the big winner for the night and went home with her new Rebecca Minkoff she won in the raffle!! Congrats!!

(Taken by Morgan Fykes)

It wouldn’t be an event without some live tweeting!!


(Taken by Chloe Solange Chapman)

Had a great time talking with new and old friends, Baille Gelwich, Heather Menis, Paul Ashe, and Sophie Blake!
(Taken by Morgan Fykes)

It was a great night of mixing, mingling and shopping. Thanks so much to Urban Chic’s owner Lindsay for inviting us all out!! Make sure you go visit Urban Chic and pick up something for yourself for spring!!


(Taken by Chloe Solange Chapman)

For more pictures from the event visit our Facebook page!!

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Shopping Event: See you tomorrow at Urban Chic VIP Spring Fashion Fete

urban-chic-vip Continue reading

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Love Letter: To Uber and it’s Drivers

This is my love letter to Uber_Logo_White_Background

and it’s drivers written from the backseat of an #UberFail:

So I am attempting to be more positive and less hasty to complain about my #FirstWorldProblems.  So instead of jumping down Uber’s throat for the RARE bad rides that I have, (don’t get me wrong, I still tweeted, that is my scream room so yeah I can’t be all sunshine and sparkles all the time) I thought I should take this time to instead reflect on the many great trips that I’ve had with Uber and what made them so great.

Dear Drivers:


Thank you for your QUIET service.  I’m not trying to be a b*tch but my time in the back of your car is mine so thank you to those drivers who do not hijack it with chatter and personal stories.

Thank you for saying hello, how are you and usually leaving it at that.  I love exchanging basic pleasantries but gauge your rider.  Sometimes I do want to have a nice chat about what’s going on in DC or the world but usually I’d rather have that chat with my friends cause I DON’T KNOW YOU. So nothing personal but I really don’t want to hear a bunch of random stories unless we are exchanging them.  If you are getting one word answers please take the social cues and let me enjoy the music and scenery of our beautiful city.

Thank you to the women but especially to the men who do not ask personal questions.  There is no need for you to know if where you picked me up is my home, my friend’s place, my man’s place or my momma’s house.  I DON’T KNOW YOU. So you don’t need to know where I live!! It’s creepy, don’t be creepy. Creepy is way worse than annoying.  Annoying I can tolerate, creepy doesn’t fly.

Thank you to the many drivers who never asked me about my relationship status cause again, YOU DONT KNOW ME!! Unless we are both flirting (and y’all need to learn the difference cause me giving curt one word responses while I am trapped – which is how I start to feel when you ask personal questions randomly – in the car with you is NOT flirting).

Thank you to the many Uber drivers that got me to my location quickly and safely.

Thank you to my many Uber drivers that got me home in a clean car with mints and water waiting.  The mints and water are not expected or required but always appreciated.

Thank you to my many Uber drivers who succeeding in giving me quality door to door service that I have come to rely on in this hustle and bustle city.

Thank you to the many Uber drivers who have let us stumble into your car when we’ve had a crazy Girl’s night out and gotten us safely back to our homes without complaint even though there were one too many of us for the car we ordered or we are singing in the backseat or shaking the whole car at the red light with our dancing.  (Bigger thanks to the Uber drivers that turned up the music and/or danced with us, you guys are the coolest).

*Mentally insert video of us dancing in backseat of Uber to Taylor Swift* – yall know what I’m talking about!!

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CapFabb Event: Time for more learning with CapFabbAcademy

For those of you who are not bloggers, let me tell you a little about CapFabb.  Two lovely ladies came together, Lacey of A Lacey Perspective and Liz of So Much To Smile About, and created CapFabb in 2011 to bring together the DC metropolitan area’s best to collaborate, learn and grow.  It began with fashion and style bloggers and grew to include food bloggers, lifestyle bloggers and every blogger in-between.  CapFABB is the community of bloggers that inspires our Nation’s Capital.  If that is you come join us because I have learned that there is power in numbers and community and we can all grow together and learn from each other no matter how big or small.  That learning is the perfect transition into our upcoming event.

new capfabb academy

One of the wonderful perks of the evolving new CapFabb is the upcoming CapFabb Academy Panel.  Come learn “How to Navigate Brand Relationships” from some of those who know how to do it best.  We’ve got some great panelists that are ready to share all their elusive knowledge with our amazing members.  Want to join in the learning session?!? Become a member of CapFabb and get in on all the great people, perks and possibilities that comes with being a member.  It started as a common place for people to come together and it is now evolving into so much more.  Hope you are ready for an amazing ride, I will be there as your event ambassador helping guide you through the many, MANY going ons around this political Hollywood that we call home.  So sit back, buckle up, grab your champs and let’s take a trip!! First stop is CapFabb Academy so we can learn how to fly!!


– Live in DC, VA or MD.
– Must post a minimum of two times a week.
– Minimum of 2 months of blog history.
– Social media presence.

– Admittance to quarterly educational panels (followed by cocktails, of course).
– Features on CapFABB’s blog and social media platforms.
– Opportunities to participate with local and national brand campaigns.
– Meet and mingle with fellow members.
– Mentorship.
– Opportunity to apply to attend VIP/Private events.

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Event: Love Brunch and the Irish?!?! Today celebrate both with STK

STK brunch

Mix, mingle, and celebrate with a Shamrock & Champagne brunch from STK.  Need I say more other than GO!!

That’s all.

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Opinion: Oh Giuliana… Go Zendaya yourself!!!

Oh where do I even start… I guess with the basics:


This beautiful chocolate kiss is Zendaya.  She is a beautiful talented 18 year old black woman.  Usually I’d probably call 18 still a girl but her response to all of this has proved her womanhood to me!!  This beautiful woman was captured in the below picture at the Oscars.


She attended the event in a stunning all white dress and rocking some beautiful faux dreads.  She looked AMAZING!! Apparently not everyone agreed…


Now I can take a joke just like the next day but this was a low down dirty shame!!  Reminds me of the Elizabeth Lauten incident because while Zendaya is 18 and has shown what a poised woman she is growing into, she’s still a YOUNG adult who should be nurtured and not attacked.  While I want to believe Maya Angelou’s quote that “Those who know better, do better” or sometimes they seriously disappoint you and say DUMB STUFF.

And then made it worse with this twitter “apology” – “Dear @Zendaya, I’m sorry I offended you and others. I was referring to a bohemian chic look. Had NOTHING to do with race and NEVER would!!!”

NEWSFLASH: IT HAD TO DO WITH RACE!!! cause you know you would not have said that about some famous white woman at the OSCARS!!! I mean can we not have anything nice?!?!

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Fitness: DoYouYoga 14 Day Yoga Shred Challenge – Join Me, It’s Free!! (and awesome!)

kick pageI’m not sure where it truly started, maybe I’ve always been like this I’m just realizing it but I know where this story will begin. It started with a Kickstarter. Random fun fact, I’m a bit of a Kickstarter addict. Some people order from HSN, I impulse buy awesome stuff on Kickstarter (it works out more often than it doesn’t so I’m not too worried). This purchase was in December of 2013, part intention and part dumb luck divine intervention that I came to this particular page.

myyogapro kickstarter

I had really gotten into working out more in my own time in a more integrated to my life way and this sounded like a perfect fit.  Something I can do anytime, anywhere.  So I signed up for two (I thought maybe my sister could yogi with me but I don’t think she had the same plan).  Best thing I did for myself that year!!  It started with a small library of videos that were the perfect mix of doable and challenging.  When I got the email a year later in December 2014 that they were merging with the DoYouYoga community, I was elated.  So I would have my current videos plus more being added frequently and awesome challenges like the 30 days of Yoga Challenge, 30 days of Meditation or the upcoming 14 Day Yoga Shred (starting March 2nd)?!?  Sounds amazing!!

yoga shred

I was trying to fight it but it’s time to accept what my friends seem to have known for a while now… this is the first time I’m truly admitting it but I, Morgan C (I will tell you some secrets but I don’t know you like that) Fykes, am a bit of a hippie!!! I love yoga and mediation and journaling, I love just being outside barefoot in the grass, I love standing in the sun/rain, and I love everything that grows out of the ground (I’m talking about food people and my desire to learn how to garden, focus and no Giuliana jokes)!!  So this month, I am embracing my hippie and going to mix in some food and fitness loving!! I would love for you all to join me on this 14 Day Journey on DoYouYoga.com!  Lots of great things have been happening which I will share soon but I said 2015 would be great and now faking it is turning to making it so yeah you will not have to deal with my hippie mantras (because it works!!).  Maybe this is the kind of teaching I was meant to do? #JustAThought Let the journey begin!

If nothing else, you must check out the website, it is a plethora of information that can get you started in your own practice.


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