Opinion Lite: Are You Happy??

So I have been all over the place with recent events, national and personal losses and a nation that should be in crisis but instead many are still stuck in denial.   I’ve waded through story after story and piece after piece but than I went down a rabbit hole and found some joy.  Sometimes it’s the little things and the children remind us of that.  A little boy was auditioning for a talent show in China, when asked why he dances, this was his response:

little boy1 Clearly cause you are so freaking cute!!

little boy2 Preach momma!!

This is where it got interesting though:

little boy3 We all got dreams!

little boy4 Wait for it!!

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Music: Beyonce – 7/11 “I KNOW YOU CARE!!!!”

So Beyonce did it again!!! Dropped another song and video on us unannounced (that or I haven’t been paying attention?! But I’m usually up on the beehive buzzing so I doubt I slept through that)

So 7/11 just fell out of the sky and I wasn’t sure how I felt… I mean I LOVED her visual album but this was different.  Than when I listened to it the second time, I decided to stop analyzing and get up and dance and then I loved it!!!  I mean it’s the song you would make up kicking it with your girls and dancing to a hot beat and it’s just fun!!! I choose to view it as ironic like you can just have a fun song to a sick beat instead of most of this insulting shit on the radio.  I also love that she tripped on her own foot and then made her own wind with the hair dryer.  It was just fun!!! So shut up, get up, shake your ass and be happy.


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Opinion: Why Are You Mad? – Let’s Talk About Race

madSigh yeah I’m gonna talk about it… you don’t have to listen but I have to say it.  WHY ARE YOU MAD?!?!?!

I went to a dinner with friends this weekend, some old, some new but all instantly friends thanks to our wonderful host.  We talked about life, love, everything such as our cultural obsession with KK’s booty, our ignorance to the going ons around the world, there was definitely a group Tinder session and some talk about Ferguson.  We all agreed that we are over the K word and would be happy if they would fade into oblivion.  We discussed Hollywood being created as a distraction from the negative in the world and how it still plays that role today.  We hit a snag when we got to Ferguson.  To give you some background to the group dynamic, it was a group made of mainly minorities in various ways.  Some guests were racially diverse, some cultural and some varied in sexual orientation but I felt that we all have varied understandings of facing discrimination.   Now I am not one to put weight into someone’s experience.  I do not have it tougher cause I’m black than someone who is gay.  We both struggle, just in different ways and with different responses.  I will say though that unless you are incredibly fair or ambiguous, there are certain traits that are on display for the world to judge.  This affects our privilege.  I really like this Buzzfeed article on privilege, it keeps it simple, easy to understand and gives you a visual.

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@YikYakApp: A Great Idea, If America was mature enough for anonymity

yik yakThis is what scandals are made of.  Over the summer, I met a young man in the vineyard, who told me a funny little tale about an app called Yik Yak and how he played a part in it’s rapid fired spread and crash in Chicago.  We’ll call him Warren.  Warren went with a group of high schoolers to attend a conference for other mature bright students like himself.  They had a great time sharing ideas and Yik Yak was used as a public message board to enhance their conference experience.  Yik Yak allows users to post anonymous messages to others who are located nearby.  There is no monitoring and no rules.  I imagine you are starting to see where this is going.  Excited and ready to share, these conference goers brought the app back to the masses at school and EVERYONE downloaded it instantly as the kids do.  And then it began… Teens discovered that this was the digital version of writing on the bathroom walls and began leaving messages about each other.  Being teens, most of the messages were not nice.

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Let’s Talk: Toyota’s New “Bold” Campaign

I truly believe that part of our nature is modeling the behavior that we see.  This is how we learn to survive, operate and thrive.  So what happens when what we see isn’t positive? Doesn’t teach us the right way? Or models all the wrong behavior?  I am starting to realize I am what I watch and as much as I love me some ratchet television, I am wondering what pathways and beliefs are being strengthened in my heart and mind?

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Event Dissected: Washingtonian Style Setters


On Spicy Candy DC, I talked about our night at the Washingtonian Style Setters events.  While we had a lot of fun, I want to recap the event from an events perspective this time.

Let’s talk about some things they did right:

  • The style setters were a great mix of males and females that march to their own drummers and dare to break the rules.


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I’m BACK!!!! And I got a lot to say… (Thank you #CapFabbAcademy and A Belle In Brooklyn)

2014-09-23 18.02.27

Are you surprised?!? Those that know me well know I talk too much so I’ve decided not to fight it.  Thanks to some sounds advice from the first #CapFabbAcademy panel and from a talk with Demetria Lucas of A Belle in Brooklyn, I have rediscovered my voice and it’s pretty loud, I guess stifling it only makes it come back louder. Thanks to the Belle it is now louder with a purpose.

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UpComing Event: First Annual VinoFest DC

Hope you’ve got your wine glasses ready cause this will be an event to remember!!! Get your tickets before they sell out!
Here are all the details!!

“On June 28, VinoFest, the premier wine and music festival launches at Union Market, in the heart of Washington, DC. Wine lovers unite, brining the vineyard to the block party with a bevy of chart-topping musicians, art exhibitions, and most importantly – a vast selection of vino! Presented by VinoLovers, a DC-based wine subscription startup, VinoFestDC is a curated experience, bringing together boutique local and imported wines, food vendors, and musical performances. “

Doesn’t that sound like our kinda party?!?

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Event Recap: City Paper’s Best of DC Fete

City Paper’s Annual Best of DC Fete was held again this year at the Carnegie Library to honor the Best of DC, as voted on by City Paper readers and chosen by writers and editors. A portion of the proceeds from the party benefited Brainfood, a nonprofit youth development organization in Washington, D.C.  This is definitely one of my favorite events because I love food (and delicious cocktails)!! On arrival, I was greeted by a moving gold statue posing outside welcoming us in.


Once inside, the live music was playing and the cocktails were shaking! It was quite a scene and there were plenty of people there enjoying the VIP Cocktail hour.

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Event Recap: She’s Unique 2 Year Anniversary!!

On a beautiful Sunday in March we celebrated the second year of the amazing She’s Unique boutique!!  Started by Katya what seems like only a short time ago, the store is everything a jewelry store should be.  Fun, modern, unique (like the name) is what will make you come into the store but the quality, attention to detail and the selection is what will keep you coming back.  It is a store where you can find the perfect gift for any female friend from a simple ring spelling out love to more expensive investment pieces that you know will be passed down to future generations (if they can pry it from your hands!!).  Now on to the party!!

bar a la spicy

We were greeted by a mimosa bar that was in a word: inspired!!  The bar included a mix of juices like Guava (my fave!!!), passion fruit and OJ with mixed berries to garnish.  All the small brunch bites like the little cheescakes above were made from scratch by my fellow contributor on SCDC, our food/entertaining specialist Jessica.  As usual, the attention to detail was flawless with vintage glasses and adorable photo props sprinkled throughout.


I somehow resisted the urge to eat it all!! Which was hard because Jessica’s creations are always delicious!


While it was definitely starting to warm up outside, Meaghan (District Sparkle) and  I were of the same mind rocking our black beanies and black leather jackets!!


Little time was wasted putting the props to good use as Angelica (Clarendon Moms) and Lashawn Daily (All Things Fashion DC) posed for a picture.


Kelly of Bishop Boutique stopped by to support her fellow store owner and brought some beautiful yellow flowers (which soon because a bright addition of color to our many photos lol).


As you can see…


Always fun to throw in a little shoe camera action!


My favorite of the day (other than our stunning host of course) was the flawless face of Michelle of Eat Play Style who’s hair and makeup gave me LIFE!!! That face was BEAT!!! (for those of you who don’t know that is a compliment).  But I digress. Back to the main event… THE JEWELS!!


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