Vacation Destination: Natural Retreats


Photo by Jessica of The Dining Traveler

Summer isn’t over!!!! And even once it is, Natural Retreats still has you covered!! The first thing I’m sure you want to know is… What is Natural Retreats?!?  “Natural Retreats are your guides to life’s most amazing experiences. We are guardians of quality time and understand how important your vacations are, in a world where time is more precious than ever.” So what does that mean?!? Well in addition to providing us with a beautiful scenic vacation location, they also provided us with a retreat manager to help us because “every Natural Retreats vacation is custom built to fit your needs.”


We took the relatively easy (long but scenic) 4 hour drive from DC up to Homestead, Virginia.  As you pull up the home is beautiful and comfortably nestled into the beautiful landscape of trees, mountains and scenery.  The second best scene was opening the fridge to the wonderful assortment of local goods that our Retreat Manager had stocked to welcome us!!

welcome food

The first night we had the pleasure of having a home cooked meal in the chef ready kitchen made by the talented Jessica of The Dining Traveler.  It was an easy first night of relaxing with friends after our drive up after work.  The next morning we work up, and had breakfast together.

With Lacey showing us how to dress for breakfast!

After enjoying some breakfast with a fantastic view, we decided to venture into town for the farmer’s market and were delighted by all the small town had to offer.  There was also a local golf course, kayaking and a pool available in town to enjoy! (In the fall you can enjoy some skiing!)


After having a relaxing time around time during the day, we returned home Saturday and the girls went out for a lady date dinner splurge at the Les Cochons d’Or, a local hot spot on the Main Street of Hot Springs, VA.  Our Natural Retreats concierge made sure we had a nice table.  I learned that it is owned by a husband and wife who are also chef and sommelier!!  I enjoyed their Spring Asparagus Salad topped with a warm poached egg that was so delicious.


I also thoroughly enjoyed the Wood grilled leg of lamb and the dessert is something I will dream about until my return!

Overall it was a simple but amazing weekend because I had a wonderful place to stay in the great outdoors with amazing women and some great food throughout.  It’s weekends liek these that make me realize how blessed I am!  If you are taking a vacation and want it to be effortlessly flawless without any heavy lifting, I would definitely recommend Natural Retreats! As you can see, we enjoyed it there!

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