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The Funemployed: Ashlee Tuck

DCFunemployment: Tell the people – Who are you? My name is Ashlee Tuck and I’m the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Will Drink For Travel. Will Drink For Travel is a travel site that combines my love of traveling and seeing … Continue reading

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Vacation Destination: Natural Retreats

Summer isn’t over!!!! And even once it is, Natural Retreats still has you covered!! The first thing I’m sure you want to know is… What is Natural Retreats?!?  “Natural Retreats are your guides to life’s most amazing experiences. We are … Continue reading

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The Dining Traveler : First Food Adventures, Now Travel Tips

The Dining Traveler is a wonderful blog that will whisk you away to a foreign land where you can experience the world through the eyes of its Founder and Blogger Jessica Van Dop de Jesus. To help us get one … Continue reading

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Love Letter: To Uber and it’s Drivers

This is my love letter to and it’s drivers written from the backseat of an #UberFail: So I am attempting to be more positive and less hasty to complain about my #FirstWorldProblems.  So instead of jumping down Uber’s throat for … Continue reading

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OMG I WON!!! The skinny on my trip to LA to meet Lauren Conrad – Part 1

So where do I begin?!? I guess with HAPPY LABOR DAY!!!! Sorry I’ve been MIA but things have been a little crazy these last couple of months!! I left one job, began another, left that one and started 2 more, … Continue reading

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InstaKarma: Why United Flight Attendants are my new Favorites, My Jackhole of the week & an SNL Skit in the Making

*Warning, you may pee yourself laughing once you get past the horror*  So I totally love to travel!!! I have wonderlust, the chronic disease edition!!! It’s bad and it is probably why I don’t have a massive savings account but … Continue reading

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