Fitness: DoYouYoga 14 Day Yoga Shred Challenge – Join Me, It’s Free!! (and awesome!)

kick pageI’m not sure where it truly started, maybe I’ve always been like this I’m just realizing it but I know where this story will begin. It started with a Kickstarter. Random fun fact, I’m a bit of a Kickstarter addict. Some people order from HSN, I impulse buy awesome stuff on Kickstarter (it works out more often than it doesn’t so I’m not too worried). This purchase was in December of 2013, part intention and part dumb luck divine intervention that I came to this particular page.

myyogapro kickstarter

I had really gotten into working out more in my own time in a more integrated to my life way and this sounded like a perfect fit.  Something I can do anytime, anywhere.  So I signed up for two (I thought maybe my sister could yogi with me but I don’t think she had the same plan).  Best thing I did for myself that year!!  It started with a small library of videos that were the perfect mix of doable and challenging.  When I got the email a year later in December 2014 that they were merging with the DoYouYoga community, I was elated.  So I would have my current videos plus more being added frequently and awesome challenges like the 30 days of Yoga Challenge, 30 days of Meditation or the upcoming 14 Day Yoga Shred (starting March 2nd)?!?  Sounds amazing!!

yoga shred

I was trying to fight it but it’s time to accept what my friends seem to have known for a while now… this is the first time I’m truly admitting it but I, Morgan C (I will tell you some secrets but I don’t know you like that) Fykes, am a bit of a hippie!!! I love yoga and mediation and journaling, I love just being outside barefoot in the grass, I love standing in the sun/rain, and I love everything that grows out of the ground (I’m talking about food people and my desire to learn how to garden, focus and no Giuliana jokes)!!  So this month, I am embracing my hippie and going to mix in some food and fitness loving!! I would love for you all to join me on this 14 Day Journey on!  Lots of great things have been happening which I will share soon but I said 2015 would be great and now faking it is turning to making it so yeah you will not have to deal with my hippie mantras (because it works!!).  Maybe this is the kind of teaching I was meant to do? #JustAThought Let the journey begin!

If nothing else, you must check out the website, it is a plethora of information that can get you started in your own practice.


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Welcome to DCFunemployment. My name is Morgan and I am a native Washingtonian. In this post Paris Hilton era, socialite has became a bit of a dirty word. However by definition, a socialite is a person who is well known in fashionable society and is fond of social activities and entertainment. Like it or not, that's me so these are the diaries of a reluctant socialite. Follow me here or on social media to see some of the best that DC has to offer.
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