Opinion: Oh Giuliana… Go Zendaya yourself!!!

Oh where do I even start… I guess with the basics:


This beautiful chocolate kiss is Zendaya.  She is a beautiful talented 18 year old black woman.  Usually I’d probably call 18 still a girl but her response to all of this has proved her womanhood to me!!  This beautiful woman was captured in the below picture at the Oscars.


She attended the event in a stunning all white dress and rocking some beautiful faux dreads.  She looked AMAZING!! Apparently not everyone agreed…


Now I can take a joke just like the next day but this was a low down dirty shame!!  Reminds me of the Elizabeth Lauten incident because while Zendaya is 18 and has shown what a poised woman she is growing into, she’s still a YOUNG adult who should be nurtured and not attacked.  While I want to believe Maya Angelou’s quote that “Those who know better, do better” or sometimes they seriously disappoint you and say DUMB STUFF.

And then made it worse with this twitter “apology” – “Dear @Zendaya, I’m sorry I offended you and others. I was referring to a bohemian chic look. Had NOTHING to do with race and NEVER would!!!”

NEWSFLASH: IT HAD TO DO WITH RACE!!! cause you know you would not have said that about some famous white woman at the OSCARS!!! I mean can we not have anything nice?!?!

What I love almost as much as Zendaya’s Oscar outfit was her first response to it all:

and her second response as well:

One thing I hope everyone learned is that Zendaya is a beautiful well spoken woman who should NOT BE MESSED WITH!! And if you didn’t learn your lesson from her response, well learn it from these other beautiful woman who supported her here —-> Other Support of Zendaya.

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