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Opinion: White Woman accidentally impregnated with African American sperm

Okay so I started to write about this before but I kind of wanted to wait to see where the chips fell.  Here’s my humble opinion: Let me start at the beginning for those of you who did not follow … Continue reading

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Opinion: Oh Giuliana… Go Zendaya yourself!!!

Oh where do I even start… I guess with the basics: This beautiful chocolate kiss is Zendaya.  She is a beautiful talented 18 year old black woman.  Usually I’d probably call 18 still a girl but her response to all … Continue reading

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Opinion: Why Are You Mad? – Let’s Talk About Race

Sigh yeah I’m gonna talk about it… you don’t have to listen but I have to say it.  WHY ARE YOU MAD?!?!?! I went to a dinner with friends this weekend, some old, some new but all instantly friends thanks … Continue reading

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